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Now I have been in Chicago in late October this year and the weather was just brilliant. In fact it was amazing. Temparatures went up to 26 Celsius and no clouds on the sky. The photos you see here were all taken with the Nikon D2x that really shines up to ISO 400. It is amazingly sharp.

Running around with the heavy Nikon 80 – 200mm /f2.8 zoom wasn’t that easy but the results the lens gives one are just great. And you don’t really VR at 1/1000 or less…

All photos were edit with the desktop version of Snapseed that becomes more and more my favourite tool.

Chicago, North Michigan Ave, 21st October 2012


Chicago, John Hancock Centre, 21st October 2012


Chicago, 21st October 2012


Chicago, Hard Rock Hotel, 24th October 2012