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Bernd is gone.... to another bunny heaven... sorry that you all let him die...




I swear by God, I will have this lovely rabbit for Easter Sunday's Dinner

if my account doesn't show a balance of at least

1'000'000 €

by latest 

27th March 2005 !

You can save Bernd!!!

I promise I will not just spare Bernd, but I will also give him to a bunny breeding farm where he can spend the rest of his life as playboy in a way that we would all be jealous of.


Current Balance:


- Updated weekly - Last Update 24th Mar 2005

Bernd's Life

... dunno as I found him a month ago on a rainy and cold night underneath a banana box next to a bottle bank and the owner didn't show up ever since. He now regained strength as I fed him over the last month...

 Bernd's End

... is in your hands! Either you enable him a life in Rabbit-Playboy-Paradise or I will have for Easter Sunday

Rabbit with Chanterelle

hmmm, lovely...

BUT, this is how a bunny looks before it's being cooked... (be careful, this part of our everyday's real life and might disturb some people,.. you have been warned!)

This is how it works

You are touched by this and everybody transfers one Euro into my account. Or one of you transfers 1'000'000 Euro into my account. I don't care...

But Bernd's chances of survival increased dramatically due to the Irish Press since 30th August! Thanks to Dublin's FM104!!!

You transfer as many Euro as you want with your email address on the pay slip, so that you can take part in a raffle for this charity... ( @=at ), this is the account:


C. Krohm

Account No: 28336268

Sort Code: 30-19-96

Lloyds TSB, WorldWide Service

IBAN: GB43LOYD30199628336268


I wish you but also Bernd: Good Luck!

Time's against him!

Bernd, of course, would be given to a professional butcher in order to avoid any problems with animal welfare organizations.

There is also a German rescue mission for Bernd online. These people want to do a protest march in December! 

Free Bernd!

There are also threats of a German, militant group coming in!!!


*Bernd's time has been extended to increase his chances of survival due to extensive pressure from the public...


A minimum of  80% of the donations will be transferred to an official charity organization, a maximum of 20% will go into my pocket. A receipt of the payment to the charity organization will be published here on the 3rd working day of 2006.

If you don't agree then please do not donate for Bernd's sake but contact a charity organization directly and donate your money there.

The money from any merchandising sale will be taken into account as well.

I would like to publish a donation list. So if you do transfer money, please send me a quick mail so that I can place your name on the list.

Thank you!